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OTOMETOKEI is CUTE ELEGANCE WORLD QLOCK Live wallpaper.OTOME is Maiden, TOKEI is Clock!So cute diamonds and colors.It has two QLOCKs and one heart symbol , and digital clock , date .They are so much customizable !And Second QLOCK can be set timezone.It has timezone name and digital clock/date.
Double-Tap each Qlocks and symbols to change for focus state.Double-Tap and Multi-Touch to change size/position/type .Continuous Double-Tap to change the symbol type (Heart/Star/Neon/MultiColor etc.).
And it shows lots of particle effects (dots,star,heart etc.).Extremely customizable and will bring a flashy, colorful cute background . Some of the options include various colors, shapes, message etc .
Sliding screen to roll heart symbol.
And it has clocks and date .they are also extremely customizable .Play around with the different settings and find what you like best !
*Customizable QLOCK colors and Size/Position.*Show Qlock,digital clock and Date*Customize Qlock Size/Position by multi-touch screen*Tapping each symbols to change for focus state.*Customize flow direction*Customize Font Type*Free editing message*Set wallpaper from Gallery.*Set current wallpaper.*Stripe background*Gradation background*Polka dot/Heart/Star pattern background
otometokei label.
v1.66New clock font [Retro] is added!
v1.65New clock font [Ransom] is added!
v1.64New clock font [Blavo] is added!
v1.61Clock Design Preview is display in the font list.New clock font is added.
v1.56Effect size is fixed for screen size fit.
v1.52New clock font [Stencil] is added!
v1.45Clock change ON/OFF function is fixed.
v1.44Setting screen is fixed.
v1.40[Change Clocks ON/OFF] function is added.OFF - Clocks position / size is fixed.
v1.19Days of the week function is added.Note: Live wallpapers do not work on following devices: ● HTC(Hero, Legend, Wildfire, Liberty, Magic, Eris, Aria, Bee, Sapphire), ● Samsung(Moment, Spica, Teos, Acclaim, Intercept, Apollo, Captivate, Gem, Transform), ● T-Mobile(MyTouch 3G Slide, Garminfone), ● Motorola(Backflip, WX445, Cliq), ● LG(GW620, LU2300), ● Other devices: ZTE Racer, Garmin-Asus A50, Apad / Epad tablet, Kyocera Zio, Alcatel OT-980, i-mobile i858, Orange San Francisco, SKY Vega...Acer,Liquid e,,HTC,Aria,Droid Incredible,Desire,Desire HD,G2,Legend,myTouch 3G Slide,Nexus One,ThunderBolt,,Huawei,Ascend,,LG,Ally,Optimus M / MS690,Optimus S / LS670,,Motorola,ATRIX 4G,Charm,Droid 2, Milestone 2,Droid X,,Samsung,Captivate,Epic 4G,Fascinate,Galaxy 5 I5500,Galaxy Fit,Galaxy Mini,Galaxy S,Galaxy S II,Replenish,Vibrant,,Sony Ericsson,Xperia Arc